RWAPA, along with USFS, BoR, and CPW, works diligently to prevent the presence of invasive species, especially mussels, at Ruedi Reservoir. With a large amount of freshwater stored in the reservoir, it is crucial that we maintain a healthy ecosystem in order to preserve such a precious resource.

Watch this video about mussels at Ruedi Reservoir to learn more about the dangers of these invasive species inhabiting our waters.

ZQM Management Plan

The purpose of this site-specific management plan is to outline a strategy to prevent an introduction of invasive mussels into Ruedi Reservoir.

Fryingpan-Arkansas Project

The Fryingpan-Arkansas Project is a multi-purpose transmountain, trans-basin water diversion and delivery project in Colorado.

Reservoir Stats


Boats intercepted in 2021


Water Temperature


Water Level


Town of Ruedi submerged by reservoir, but not by history

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Who owns the water in Ruedi Reservoir?

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Ruedi water to flow to endangered fish

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Inspectors at Ruedi Reservoir are first line of defense against growing threat of invasive mussels

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Drought and dry soils again will diminish Colorado’s spring runoff

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